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Stress causes health problems!!!! 
Why do I constantly feel worried about my assignments.. to the point that makes me hate studying and going to school. I would like to seek advice about …

Does stress cause vertigo? 
I just want to know does stress cause vertigo?

Some best ways to relax 
What are some of the best ways to relax? I get pretty stressed at school and my friends tell me to “Just Relax!” But they never tell me how to relax. …

Hives stress 
Is there such a thing as hives stress? When I get stressed I break out in hives and red rashes. I am not sure if this is due to stress or not?

Acne and stress 
Is there are link between acne and stress? Every time I get stressed I seem to break out in acne.

New mom stress 
I am pregnant and am having my first child in 2 months time. I have heard a lot of information about stress for new mom’s. I was hoping that people …

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