Dance like no one is watching

by Peggy(Houston, Texas, USA) To get motivated to exercise, I start by dancing Latin dances to TV commercial music or the alarm clock CD player. Once I’m warmed up, I use the Yoga and other exercises in whatever order comes naturally. It stimulates my brain to think of my next move. I try not to … Read more

Be Positive to Deal with Stress

by james(canada) Change every negative thought into a positive one. I believe that being negative on one issue starts a spiral effect on many other negative thoughts. First is to acknowledge the issue. Second is to find positive situations from the issue. As a divorce, with me, it was a very positive step for me … Read more

Stepping Back

by Patricia(Oaklyn, NJ, USA) Some days at work get very busy, especially when I end up wearing 3 or more “hats!” I am a manager and have my own work to accomplish, but then someone may be out so I have to do that person’s job in dealing with the public, up and down from … Read more

The Latest Stress Management Books

These popular stress management books give you the tools for dealing with and overcoming stress.  Stress is present in nearly all areas of our modern lives. Stress is a fact of life…BUT it does not have to be a way of life. There are literally thousands of stress reduction books to choose from! These stress relief … Read more